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Railways Profiles

The following Alphabetic Index offer background information on each of the railways featured in this site. Constituent railways are not included. If you're interested learning more, we encourage you to search for additional resources and publications.

Atlantic, Quebec and Western (AQWR)
The AQWR was a small short line located in the Gaspe region. It began operating in 1910 and was purchased by CN in 1929. Since 1998 it has changed ownership several times. Portions of it remain in use. learn more

Boston and Maine (BM)
The B&M was a US-owned railway that operated a short line in eastern Quebec. It ran from Sherbrooke to the US border. The line was leased to the Quebec Central Railway in 1926 and abandoned in 1990. learn more

Canadian National Railway (CN)
CN was formed by the Canadian government in 1923 following the bankruptcy of the CNoR and GTR. CN is Canada's largest railway and maintains operations in both both Canada and the US. learn more

Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR)
The CPR began operations as a transcontinental railway in 1885. It is currently Canada's second largest railway and operates in both Canada and the US. learn more

Carillon and Grenville Railway (CAGR)
CAGR was an early broad-gauge portage railway operating in Carillon and Grenville along the Ottawa River. It ran seasonally from 1854 to 1910. learn more

Central Vermont Railway (CV)
The CV was formed in 1884 and acquired by the GTR in 1899. It became part of CN in 1923. It remained in CN's hands until 1995 when it was sold to RailAmerica. It continues to operate as a short-line, but only in the New England states. learn more

Charlevoix Touring Train (CFC)
The CFC began as the Quebec, Montmorency and Charlevoix Railway (later Quebec Railway Light and Power) in 1889. It was converted to electricity in 1904 and then sold to CN in 1951. It was shut down in 1959 but has since had a couple of revivals. It now operates as a tour train in the Quebec ski region of Le Massif. learn more

Delaware & Hudson Railroad (DH)
The D&H was an American-owned short line that began operating between upstate New York and Quebec in the 1870s. During the 1960s and 70s it went through a period of financial uncertainty before being acquired by the CPR in 1991. In 2014 a 267-mile portion in the US was sold to the Norfolk Southern Railway. Both portions remain in use. learn more

Great Northern Railway of Canada
The Great Northern Railway of Canada was a short-lived regional line. It operated from 1900 until 1907 when it was sold to the Canadian Northern Railway. It became part of CN in 1918. learn more

Grand Trunk Railway (GTR)
The GTR was a British owned railway that began operating in Ontario and Quebec in 1856. Following bankruptcy in 1920, it was nationalized and became part of CN in 1923. learn more

Intercolonial Railway (IRC)
The IRC was a federally owned regional railway that operated in the Maritimes and Quebec. It started running around 1870 and became part of CN in 1918. learn more

Montreal and Southern Counties Railway (M&SCRC)
The M&SCRC was an interurban electric line built by the GTR in 1909, that provided service to Montreal and the surrounding area. It became part of CN in 1923 and lasted until 1956, when it was shut down. Portions of the line remain in use by CN. learn more

National Transcontinental Railway (NTR)
The NTR was built and operated by the federal government. It provided service from Winnipeg to Moncton from 1915-23 when it became part of CN. learn more

New York Central Railroad (NYC)
The NYC was an American-owned railway that operated in southern Ontario and Quebec for close to 100 years. It became part of Penn Central in 1968 and fell to bankruptcy in 1970. learn more

Ontario Northland Railway (ONT)
The ONR is owned and operated by the Ontario government. It began operations in 1903 as the Temiskaming and Northern Ontario Railway and continues to offer both passenger and freight service in northeast Ontario. learn more

Quebec Central Railway (QCR)
The QCR operated in the Eastern Townships from 1874 until 1994. It was leased by the CPR in 1912 but retained its own identity. It was revived under private ownership from 2000-06. In 2007 portions of it were purchased and rehabilitated by the Quebec government and continue to operate. learn more

Quebec & Lake St. John (QLSJR)
The QLSJR was a small regional railway, opened in 1888. It became part of the CNoR around 1906, and later CN in 1918. Portions of the line continue to operate. learn more

Quebec, Montreal, Ottawa and Occidental Railway
The QMOO was a regional railway, built by the Quebec Government during the 1870s. It was acquired by the CPR in 1884. The line remained in operation until the 1990s. learn more

Quebec, Montreal & Southern Railway (DH)
The Quebec, Montreal & Southern Railway was created by the Delaware and Hudson railway in 1906 by a merger of several small lines. It was sold to CN in 1929. Portions of it remain in use. learn more

Quebec, Railway Light & Power (QL&P, CFC)
The Quebec Railway Light and Power Company began in 1881 as a small short line serving the tourist trade. In 1904 it was switched to a power company and all its trains were electrified. It was purchased by CN in 1951 and shut down in 1959. After a cuple of brief revivals it went back into operation in 1996 under the Chemin de fer Charlevoix. A portion of it was sold off in 2009 and now operates as a tourist train. learn more

Temiscouata Railway (TMC)
The Temiscouata Railway was a short line that ran between Rivière du Loup, Quebec and Edmundston, New Brunswick. First opened in 1889, it struggled financially until the 1940s. It was purchased by CN in 1949 and remained in operation until 1993. learn more

VIA Rail (VIA))
VIA rail was formed by the federal government in 1978 as a rail passenger carrier. It currently provides service to most major cities across Canada. learn more