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Prairie Dog Central Railway No reporting mark

The Prairie Dog Central Railway (PDCR) is a heritage railway operating in southern Manitoba. First formed in 1970 by a group of railway enthusiasts, the railway is owned and operated by the Vintage Locomotive Society (VLS), a registered charity.

The PDCR began operations in southwest Winnipeg in 1970. It took a couple of years for the railway to pick up steam but eventually it gained momentum. As the crowds grew, additional trips were added. Service was extended to Grosse Isle in 1975.

In 1996, the trains stopped running for two years while the society launched a major fundraising campaign to purchase the Oak Point Subdivision, which had recently been abandoned by CN. Service was resumed in 1999.

Today the PDCR boasts a proud fleet consisting of one steam locomotive, two diesel locomotives from the 1950s, six coaches, and a caboose. The PDCR's route covers three heritage stations, Inkster Junction, Warren, and Grosse Isle, all built by the Canadian Northern Railway during the early 1900s.

The railway operates regularly scheduled trips and events every weekend from May to September. Trips average two to two and a half hours. Charters and rentals are also available. You can learn more about railway's history and puchase tickets online by visiting the society's website at