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Canadian Government Railways Reporting mark: CGR

Canadian Government Railways (CGR) was an agency formed in 1915 to manage a group of federally owned railways. These included the Intercolonial Railway (ICR) in the Maritimes, the National Transcontinental Railway (NTR), the Prince Edward Island Railway (PEIR) and several other small regional railways. Each railway used its own reporting mark and was run as a separate entity.

The CGR only lasted a few brief years. The collapse of the Canadian Northern Railway (CNoR) in 1918, followed by the collapse of the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway (GTPR) in 1919 and the Grand Trunk Railway (GTR) in 1920, led to the nationalization of all three railways. The CGR was folded in 1918 and replaced by the Canadian National Railways (CNR) in order to simplify and manage railway operations.

By late 1922 the merger and consolidation of all the government's railway holdings was complete with the formation of the new Canadian National Railway (CNR later CN). The CGR was sold to CN for the token amount of $1.